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Catalyst provides experienced, qualified test personnel proficient in the latest EPA test methods. Each team is structured with a QSTI-certified test supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that test programs are completed as scheduled while adhering to all applicable environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Catalyst personnel have extensive on-site experience at electric power generation plants. This experience results in efficient test programs that minimize testing delays while providing reliable data, accurate test reports and, potentially, lower financial burden for the client. Catalyst has QSTI certified team leaders who adhere to established QA procedures for all tests.

Catalyst personnel work cooperatively with all government regulatory personnel ensuring accurate test protocols and reporting, and limiting the potential for test delays. We work willingly with other on-site contractors and manufacturers' representatives during performance evaluation or equipment installation to ensure the client obtains the most information and best outcome from the testing.

Test Equipment

Catalyst Air Management, Inc. maintains a comprehensive inventory of state of the art testing equipment. Pre and post test calibrations are completed on all applicable equipment by qualified personnel according to written QA policy.

Test Capabilities

Catalyst Air Management, Inc. can provide comprehensive source emissions testing, emissions control equipment performance evaluation, diagnostic, efficiency and regulatory compliance testing, continuous emissions monitoring system (including PM and Hg) certification, reference method emissions testing for all criteria pollutants and air toxics, CAM Plan testing, SCR tuning and boiler efficiency testing.

EPA Reference Method Experience
Method 1, 1a Sample point location
Method 2 Velocity Traverse
Method 3, 3a Gas Analysis
Method 4 Moisture Determination
Method 5 Particulate Matter
Method 6, 6a Sulfur Dioxide
Method 7, 7e Oxides of Nitrogen
Method 8 Sulfuric Acid Mist
Method 9 Visual Opacity
Method 10, 10a, 10b Carbon Monoxide
Method 11 Hydrogen Sulfide
Method 12 Inorganic Lead
Method 13b Total Fluoride
Method 15a Total Reduced Sulfur
Method 17 In-stack Particulate
Method 18 Volatile Organics
Method 19 Emission Rate Calculation
Method 20 NOx (gas turbines)
Method 21 VOC leak detection
Method 22 Fugitive Opacity
Method 23 Dioxins and Furans
Method 25, 25a Gaseous Organic Concentration
Method 26 Hydrogen Chloride
Method 29 Metals
Method 30b Total vapor phase mercury by carbon sorbent traps
Method 101 Mercury
Method 104 Beryllium
Method 106 Vinyl Chloride
Method 108 Arsenic
Method 201 PM-10
Method 202 Condensable particulate (including dry impinger method)
Method 204 Total enclosure for capture efficiency
Method 306 Total Chromium
Ontario-Hydro Speciated mercury
Method 0010 Speciated semi-volatile organic compounds
Method 0011 Formaldehyde
Method 0031 Speciated volatile organic compounds
Method 0033 Hydrogen Cyanide

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